Especialidades | Aerosoles


KSS 301
Spray lubricant high efficiency with PTFE 

Lubricant incorporating sophisticated additives components with PTFE, to provide long lasting protection against friction, wear and corrosion.



KSS 302
Spray lubricant all purpose with PTFE.

Lubricant, adherent, penetrating and corrosion protector. All purpose maintenance spray.



KSS 304
Spray lubricant high temperature resistant.

100% synthetic lubricant oil, ester based.



KSS 306
Spray Lubricant dry Ceramic.

Spray with extreme pressure and fast drying based on solid lubricants with ceramic hexagonal structure.



KSS 310
Spray Silicon Non Toxic.

Colorless and odorless, resistant to fungi and bacteria.



KSS 501
Spray Antistatic.

Product for the treatment of surfaces to eliminate static electricity.



KSS 505
Spray Dielectric.

To prevent the electrical and electronic wrong operation caused by water penetration, humidity, condensation and corrosion.



KSS 515
Spray Anti drying for Inks (anti skin)

To prevent ink drying, leaves a thin film of high efficiency without waste. Silicon free.



KSS 902
Spray Degraser.

Non chlorinated solvent blend, to remove inks, grease and oil.



KSS 911
Spray High Cleaning Power

Active cleaner to remove inks, varnishes, glues, etc…easy, fast and safe application.